Double V-Belt -- Jiver

Double V-Belt -- Jiver

  • Material: Rubber
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Product Detail

Production Type Top Width Pitch Width Height Angle Length
Length Mark
HAA 13 10.0 40° Li=La-63 61-197 1549-8001 Li
HBB 17 13.0 40° Li=La-82 61-315 1549-8001 Li
HCC 22 17.0 40° Li=La-107 90-354 2286-8992 Li



With multiple working surfaces, Double V-belts offer great flexibility and are applicable to multiple shaft transmission systems such as spinning and agricultural machines as well as calling "Hexagon belts".


Special / Application

Located in the center of the tension line with a hexagonal belt with excellent flexibility and very low stretchability. Thus, this band is particularly suitable for = deflection in different directions in the same plane. The hexagonal belt is adapted when a plurality of pulleys are arranged in a plane and one or more of the drive pulleys therein must be changed in a direction that does not intersect with the belt. Due to the position of the tension line on the central axis and the hexagonal belt itself, the tension line is not affected by any force other than the tension, which is different from the traditional triangular band around the outer idler. The hexagonal belt has typical bending performance. Unique performance thanks to its special construction and unique top handling. The hexagonal belt is mainly used in the field of agricultural machinery and mechanical engineering.



The cross section of the hexagonal belt is in accordance with DIN 7722 and ISO 5289



The marking of double V-belts show the inside length of factory V-belts. The length conversion table is available for conversion between different models.