Industrial Timing Belts

Material :

* Chloroprene body provides protection against oil, grease, heat and aging.

* Glass Fiber cords provides high strength, good flexing performance, and low elongation.

* Nylon fabric tooth facing provides resistance to abrasion and tooth shear.


Timing belt drive consists of an endless belt whose inner surface has equal spaced teeth and belt pulley which have the relative teeth. While working, the teeth of the belt and the teeth of the pulley joggle each other to transmit the motion and the dynamic force. It is a kind of new type drive which has synthesized all the good points of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive.
Timing belt drive has such features as:
·Exact transmission ratio, no sliding.
·Larger transmission ratio scope which may normally reach to 1:10, allowable linear speed may reach to 40m/s.
·High transmission efficiency which may normally reach to 98%-99%.
·Constant velocity ratio, smooth motion, little noise.
·Compacting structure, suitable to multi-axis transmission, no need lubrication, no pollution.
Now we have over 30 types timing belt with more than 3000 specifications, and we can supply related pulleys. It may also design and manufacture timing belt with special specification to satisfy customer’s requirements.

rubber timing belts

T Type Synchronous Belts including the size of and drawing :

MXL XXL XL L H XH XXH T2.5 T5 T10 T20 AT5 AT10 AT20

timing belts dradingtiming belts dradingtiming belts drading

ARC Type Synshronous belts including the size and drawing :

3M 5M 8M 14M 20M S2M S3M S5M S8M S14M RPP3M RPP5M RPP8M RPP14M

timing belts dradingtiming belts dradingtiming belts drading

T Type Synchronous Double Belts including the size of :

MXL XXL XL L H XH XXH T2.5 T5 T10 T20 AT5 AT10 AT20

ARC Type Synshronous Double belts including the size of :

3M 5M 8M 14M 20M S2M S3M S5M S8M S14M RPP3M RPP5M RPP8M RPP14M

1,What is Transmission Synshronour belt?

transmission of synchronous belt is a kind of transmitting movement of toothed belt. it incorporates thee advantages of belt-transmission,chain-transmission and tooth-transmission .Transmission of synchronous belt has features of accurate trans missionratio,no slippage.stable speed ratio, low noise and vibration.

Transmission ratio scope:1:10,

line speed 440M/s

high transmission efficienty:0.98.

it is also fit for multiple-axle transmission with no lubri cation and pollution. Used widely in all kinds of mechniacal transmissions under th bad conditions, such as automobiles,textile mechinery,machine tools,chemical and light industries,metallurgical industry,mines,oil industry,ets.

2,How to Install the Industrial synchronous Belts?

1,cut off the electric power

Reson of Synchronous Belts Hurt and Modify

1, Broken in the early using?

2, hard work and bad working environment

3, in life

Take of the old belts and install in the new item

3,when to change or replace of the timing belt?

Usually, the timing belts have the life time ,  you can find the working time request in the machine introduction,  or you can watch the timing belts if it is broken of do not transmission stable

4,how much does it cost to replace a timing belt?

If you buy from us ,the cost is usually the small ,  you can find the timing belts buy shop online from jivers, or you can find the distributior

5,how to chose the correct timing belt for your machine?

contact with us   tell us the machine , power, and other technical date ,we will chsoe the best for you