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Banded Classical V-Belt

Product Name: Banded Classical V-Belt
Category: V-Belts
Material: Rubber


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Production Type Top Width Pitch Width Height Angle Length
Length Mark
AJ 13.6 15.6 10.0 40° Li=La-63 61"-197" 1549-5004 Li
BJ 17.0 19.0 13.0 40° Li=La-82 61"-620" 1549-15748 Li
CJ 22.4 25.5 16.0 40° Li=La-100 90"-620" 1800-15748 Li
DJ 32.8 37.0 21.5 40° Li=La-135 130"-580" 3302-14732 Li



Banded calssical V-belts are composed of multiple classical V-belts which are connected into a whole. They effectively solve problems such as wobbling, smacking and turning over occurred in single belt operarion while ensuring equal stress of each belt and a large conveying load.



The marking of banded classical V-belts stipulates model type, banding number and length with factory mark in sequence. V-belts of types are marked according to the inside length of factory V-belts. The length conversion table is available for conversion between various models.

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