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14M Polyurethane PU Open end Timing Belts

  • material: polyurethane

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Product Detail

14M Polyurethane PU Open end Timing Belts

PU timing belts are highly flexible with longitudinal toughness to ensure perfect tooth meshing.

1.No dust generation or flaking while running - Clean belt.

2.Homogeneous throughout its cross section by virtue of thermoset mounding process.

3.Superior wear and abrasion resistance.

4.High resistance to oil, fat and grease.

5.Excellent resistance to ageing, hydrolysis, UV and ozone.

6.Low vibration and reduced noise level.

7.Good resistance to most acids and alkalis

8.Nylon / Steel / KevlarCord  available

Appliance:linear drive for High Torqure Transmisson

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