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T10 Timing Belts

Product Name: T10 Timing Belts
Category: Rubber Industrial Timing-Belts
material: rubber
size: T10


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Product Description:
These belts are innovative truly endless high performance power transmission belts with term set resin body and steel traction cord.The high modulus cords used in the belt production allow great length stability and low bearing load.

These belts offer high power transmission capabilities , very high chemical resistance and particularly to oils,greases and gasoline.the application temperature between -30 degree to +100 degree


  Wuxi Robert Industrial belt Co., Ltd. is located in WUXI city JiangSu province China,which is only 100KM away from SHANGHAI city.With convenient transprotation,our factory is easily accessible. Our factory has a staff of 90 workers, including 11 engineers who are technology professors in belts field guaranteeing good quality of our belts.And based on 12 hours working time ,our monthly production is 130,000 SQM,so,we can meet requirements of orders of any production amount.

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