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HTD8M Rubber timing belts

Product Name: HTD8M Rubber timing belts
Category: Rubber Industrial Timing-Belts
material: rubber
pitch size: 8MM
Standard: ISO


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8M rubber timing belts

For use in wood, paper , textiles , and other mechanical drive

rubber timing belt
Model: 8M

Tensile strength:416N/mm

• Adhesion strength of dcore:939N/mm

• Adhesion strength of doth:15.68N/mm

The number of teeth: Perimeter / pitch
Pitch: 8mm
Width: cutting


1.Chloroprene Rubber as one of main compound elements, which have excellent heat&oil resistant function.

2.Molded Straight Edge for even pulley groove contact resulting in less slip and wear.

3.Strong Compound-Dipped-Cords absorb the bending stress, vibrations and distribute the load equally.

4.Tough Fabric protect the belt body from oil,water,and metal debris which will destroy the belt core.

5.Match Free for all the molded v-belts on the multiple-belt drive. Each belt length is in match tolerance. These belts will be marked by words "MF", so any "MF" belt will match and perform with any other "MF" belt of the same size and type.

6.Special compound is Anti-Static.

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